Superthread can be used as a messaging system, a news platform, a community forum or anything you can came up with. Everything here becomes a thread at some point.

Subcafe instead is a regular social network that is based on the same tech as Superthread. It also has support for HD (720p) square photos.

Sublevel was renamed to Superthread, so your Sublevel account is the new Superthread account. Social features didn't make sense on Superthread, but they did on Subcafe. Also on Subcafe accounts can be deleted, but it's not possible to do so here because of threading complexity.

All the statistics

  • Pen
    2,410,404 characters
    119.6 per entry, 828.3 per member, 1,844.2 per day
  • Reply
    8,767 updates
    3.0 per member, 6.7 per day
  • Replies
    11,387 replies
    3.9 per member, 8.7 per day
  • Heart
    0.1 per entry, 1.0 per member, 2.3 per day
  • Mention
    1,069 mentions
    0.1 per entry, 0.4 per member, 0.8 per day
  • User
    2,910 members
    2.2 per day

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