Lucian Marin

I'm thinking about renaming Sublevel to Superthread and move it from to — or maybe not, I'm not sure. What I want to do is to make easier for the new users to get a chance of being part of the community by removing following/followers barrier. I'm also planning a new design to reduce white space on those really deep threads.

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  • jackivan88
    John Olinda

    I guess it might just be as simple as hating change, but I prefer the idea of Sublevel staying here. I can live with not having following/followed features though.

  • ancarda
    Mark Dain

    Would there ever be the chance to “Sign in with Superthread” on subcafé? Just thinking most users (possibly all?) share the same username - might make sense to share a user database?

    • They aren't compatible. You can delete your account on Subcafé.