Lucian Marin

There is one. Now is located on options.

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  • ancarda
    Mark Dain

    Huh? Wasn't there always? Anyway, I turned it on now -- should be great for when I get an (OLED) phone next year. Won't be the iPhone X, I'm eyeing up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    • The dark mode was gone for some time and came back... :)

      I'll probably get an OLED phone as well. My (OLED) Nokia 808 - sort of - died (USB not charging anymore). I use an old "dumb phone" Nokia 100 for now. My eyes will maybe go to the Galaxy S9/S9+ IF they embed the fingerprint sensor under the screen. I don't like the actual back placement... And I would wait for the price to drop, those things are too expensive.