Mark Dain

Really? I thought the iPhone 7 Plus camera was very good, only rivaled by the Google Pixel. I didn’t think the Nexus 6P was that good as well? Maybe the media didn’t cover it well, the Pixel’s camera was really highly praised

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  • dave_ant
    David Antoine

    Well, the iPhone 7 is very good at photography but when you know that it records mono sound (!!!) in video mode, it's really bad for a phone that expensive. Same thing with the iPhone 8 and all previous models, mono sound. That's incredible for a flagship. Don't know about the iPhone X. I think that one records stereo sound, for 1000$... Even my old Nokia 808 had high dynamic range audio recording. Go figure...

    • That’s amazing, I didn’t know that. It really records mono audio? Doesn’t it have like 3 microphones for noise cancellation when you’re on a call? Fucking Apple...

      • Noise reduction is mentioned on Apple website for both iPhone 8 & X for video recording but nothing about stereo recording. So yeah, it's mono 96 Kbps ACC. It is really ridiculous coupled with an ultra crisp 4K image. Note that it is still the case with some DLSR cameras that records 4K with mono sound as well. Which is even more strange because you supposedly have more space in a DSLR body than a smartphone. At least you can usually plug an external HQ stereo mic with pro DSLRs. Apple could have find a way to adapt the binaural audio recording tech in the iPhone X, to really innovate. Maybe they tried...