David Antoine

+1 on bringing back the 'Update' tab/layout. I like it! Anyone else? I miss the 'Notes' option too in the profile section, just noted it has been scrapped... Was nice to use that as a reminder or bookmarks keeper, etc.

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  • lucian
    Lucian Marin

    It didn't made sense for home feed to be in a different tab. I reverted to Explore. Regarding notes, I know you have an account on sub.cafe, so you can message yourself there.

    • Yes I just discovered the messages to myself on SubcafĂ©, few minutes ago :)

      Well I like the "original" layout here as well. Any "scoop" on what's coming next?

  • ancarda
    Mark Dain

    Notes were private messages to yourself - that system was removed unfortunately

    • OK, I thought it was separated from the messages system, makes sense. Too bad not having that anymore, I guess it was not used very much...