Martijn van der Ven

I was just talking with about data portability and exportability. We both think it would be great if would allow us to our posts and replies in an accessible way. As it stands even big social media silos like Twitter and Facebook allow for more transparant exports than !

This would also be great for compliance with upcoming , and currently already enforcable Directive 95/46/EC!

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  • lucian
    Lucian Marin

    You can get everything by going to /username/json/ and save the JSON.

    • Oh that’s pretty cool! Any way we could have the to field be the other post ID rather than just a username?

      • Now it's under /account/export/ (same in UI) and includes the parent ID.

        • More data for the data Gods! Thank you very much 🎉

          I think likes are missing from that, but I can personally live with that.

    • Could you restore that URL please? As right now, there's no way for me to archive replies without being able to look at the parent ID and handle, getting their JSON file, and copying the reply